My first post! Fantasy Dinner Party

Celtic Hippy here! I never thought I`d use a blog, but here I am! I obtained this blog entirely by accident, through a shark conservation petition that I signed. I had no idea what I was going to write about, So I turned to writing prompts, and thought I`d dip my toes in the water with this fantasy dinner party!
If you could invite 8 famous people to a fantasy dinner party who would you invite? And who sits next to who, to make conversation a little more lively?
My guests would be Charles Darwin, the father of evolution; Gerald Gardner, the creater of Wiccan tome: Book of Shadows (yes, it`s real); David Attenborough, naturalist; Jesse Marcel, Roswell Incident; Carl Sagan, NASA; Richard
Dean Anderson, Stargate actor; Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist and Erich von Daniken, Nasca lines.
Now, who do I seat together? I would seat them as follows: Darwin next to David Attenborough, Gerald Gardner next to Carl Sagan, Jesse Marcell next to Richard Dean Anderson and Stephen Hawking next to Erich von Daniken.
That`s all for now! Back soon with more!